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The solar industry will open up new jobs

It is envisaged that if we could master the technology of harnessing the optimum solar energy that photo voltaic solar panels are exposed to during the day, and they are available at very affordable prices to domestic and industrial use it would generate many lucrative jobs and help solve the rising unemployment problem in most countries.

Consumer ratings show that it is the affordability of using this technology for domestic use that is keeping the customers away from this very important industry. All of us who love the environment and also care about the uncontrolled use of fossil fuels would like clean renewable energy which is just waiting to be harnessed.

Digital marketing professionals may need to use their ingenuity and bring forward a very good strategy that would create minds of fashion conscious consumers who would follow others especially their neighbours and friends and turn to using the Sun for all their energy needs.

A sustained effort is needed if we are to bring all the peoples of the world to realize our folly of the past and endeavour to go green and clean into the future.