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***Important changes at EzyLab***
Hi due to lack of internet connection and a warehouse move, we've been very delayed in
getting orders out on time. We will start refunding old orders this weekend
and try and catch up next week. We are very sorry and normal service will
resume shortly. Apologies for inconviences caused

* Laboratory Glassware, Beakers, Flasks, Test Tubes, Racks

* Measuring Cylinders, Thermometers, Hotplates and Burners

* Home Student and School Science Project Supplies

* EZYLab Kits for Display, Entertainment, Drinks, Kitchen

* Ph strips and meters.

* Mycology supplies, Scales, Calibration weights

* Stands Clamps and Bossheads, Pipettes

* Micro Distillation Kits

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Ezylab specialises in providing basic science kits and supplies.

We make it easy by offering complete science kits ready to GO and a wide range of individual items. We are your friendly science supplier, so call today if you need help with a particular product or application….

You don't need to be a scientist or specialist, we are happy to help anyone with a project or experiment. Order online, or come and pickup your order (Tba)

Only Cash and Credit Card, we have NO EFTPOS facility

Safe and Secure online ordering. We send Australia Wide using Fastway’s and Australia Post.

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All our prices include GST.

Postage and handling includes insurance against breakages

Only Cash and Credit Card, we have NO EFTPOS facility.