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If you are stressed with a home to run, a busy work schedule and a demanding family to manage, we are the answer to your predicament. With your rubbish mounting up, your locks getting stuck when they shouldn’t, your electrical appliances burning up, nauseating pests scurrying along the floor and table tops or just want the garden paved we are the right people for any job.

We will attend to your rubbish collection punctually and clean up your home and surrounding before you could finish saying “abracadabra”.

If you have problems with your locks or just need your locks changed we are the best in the business we are reputed locksmiths and certified too.

Paving your garden or driveway we can give you a job well done at a very affordable price. Our paving is the envy of many.

We lead the pack in providing the ultimate in quality Pest control. We use only approved pesticides which are safe with children.

There could be hidden dangers in some of your electrical appliances, we are certified and qualified with the required experience to test and tag any electrical appliance. Our certificates are recognized by all statutory authorities.

Call us and see the difference in our services.


Insurance a boost to business

Insurance is the boost that all businesses need, it gives a no holds barred open ticket for business to thrive and flourish whilst waiting in the shadows if something terrible happens. To resurrect, help and aid in bouncing back again. Without insurance there would always be that little hesitant moments to take decisions which are the make, break or ingenuity of business progress.

The construction industry is like no other, if conglomerates backed by design and contracting teams do not take up challenges, we will not be staring in awesome disbelief when looking up at the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates. If insurance did not back the project, it would never have got off the ground. Insurance gives the construction industry the boost it needs to take up the challenges, and make progress.

A marketing mix in the insurance community is also required to give the right product to the right people at the right time. Building construction insurance, Business insurance, Business liability insurance, Commercial building insurance, Commercial insurance, Construction insurance and Public liability insurance are just some of the mix bag of insurance possibilities available to the construction industry to find their way in the volatile and competitive marketplace.

This mix bag of insurance policies has been designed to give protection to the many possible incidents of unfortunate accidents that have happened in the past. Building construction insurance, Business insurance, Business liability insurance, Commercial building insurance, Commercial insurance, Construction insurance and Public liability insurance are all designed with the primary aim of protecting the construction industry unequivocally.

With insurance waiting like a colossus in the wings the construction industry can tread the arduous path with confidence. With a precise insurance policy in hand any contractor would walk with his head held high knowing well that if calamity strikes it will bail him out. With a mix bag of insurance policies available to him what more can he ask. With policies which are tailor made for him like Building construction insurance, Business insurance, Business liability insurance, Commercial building insurance, Commercial insurance, Construction insurance and Public liability insurance he would have the world at his finger tips.

Construing the best possible insurance policies and having them, redesigned and revamped from time to time gives an added impetus to the construction industry that they are able to have all the loop holes of the industry covered. None of us like disasters to happen especially when human lives are at stake, and if they do happen it is always advisable to be ready and compensate those affected.

This is what insurance does and they are good at it. They will tailor make an insurance policy just to fit your requirements, or you can pick one from the mix bag ofBuilding construction insurance, Business insurance, Business liability insurance, Commercial building insurance, Commercial insurance, Construction insurance and Public liability insurance  policies they have and add or delete as the case may be, to suit each individual entity’s requirements.   


House washing experts

I am a “ONE MAN SHOW” with impeccable credentials having served the Brisbane community with distinction and dedication over the last twelve years. The reputation that I have built over these years precedes me wherever contracted to undertake any housewashing contracts and have striven to uphold the high expectations expected by home owners.

I have enjoyed every bit of these enduring years having built it on the pillars of trust, reliability, transparency and honesty. These four strong pillars and the recommendations that have always been forthcoming by customers who have been serviced by me has been my greatest asset. These recommendations have been my strength and they have borne rich dividends and I have appreciated theses acts with gratitude and strength.

Being an integral part of the house washing Brisbane business and surviving the trials and tribulations that come with it has been no mean feat. It is the high standards that I maintain when undertaking a house washing contract that has held me in good stead, all these years.

From cleaning and washing your blocked gutters, downpipes and high pressure cleaning of stained roofs and getting it back to it’s pristine glory is my prerogative, and I have achieved it with safety as the primary concern. Never have there been any unfortunate accidents due carelessness on my part, this is because I place safety of myself and of others around at a high premium.

If as a home owner you have any reservations of using up the large quantum of water that you would need in Brisbane house washing, then I have the perfect solution for you as I bring along the clean and fresh water you would need. Your visitors or those peeping over your hedge would not cast aspersions on your excess use of valuable and scarce water.

Excess use of water could also land you at cross roads with the local council but with me bringing along the water you will be free of the water problem. The prices I offer are the most competitive, as I save on overheads and pass on that benefit to my customers. The whole cleaning process done by me personally would give you a better insight into how I take meticulous care and attend to every detail.



Electricity has interested man since 2750 BC, when the early Egyptians discovered that some types of fish in the river Nile, gave a jolt when touched. They did not know what it was but realized that those with some types of illnesses like constant headaches, numbness and similar conditions were cured after a jolt from these fish. Today receiving electrical jolts of 240 volts or even the lesser 110 volts could kill you if you are not adequately protected.

To avoid fatalities due to electric shocks, we can take many preventive steps which are carrying out an electrical risk assessment and we could test & tag electrical equipment that we use. Testing and tagging electrical equipment would keep the environment that we use electricity safe. Test and Tag certification is provided by qualified and trained electrical test and tag professionals. They would also carry out emergency lights testing and exit light testing.

It is imperative that you provide a safe and conducive work environment for all employees under your care. Providing such an environment will increase productivity and enhanced profits. Putting back a part of the profits you make to create the proper ambience in the workplace would be reciprocated. The time to start is with an electrical test and tag.

Regular electrical risk assessment carried out by professionals would hold your organization in good stead if any unfortunate accident is to happen. Regular electrical risk assessment is a legislative requirement. Testing and tagging electrical equipment especially those not used regularly would provide employees the confidence to use them when the need arises. Without electrical test and tag on an electrical appliance employees would be sometimes hesitant to use that particular item confidently.

Test and Tag has today become an integral part of our daily lives, because we handle more electrical appliances in our daily chores than ever before. We could be subject to severe scrutiny from the relevant authorities if we don’t display valid Testing and tagging certification when called for. Test and Tag is a very important exercise in any office environment. Another very important aspect is emergency lights testing and exit light testing, these two will provide the employees within the premises easy access to the exit points. Electrical test and tag can be carried out only by professionals.    

In factories where many employees are working a valid test & tag certificate is a must. Not displaying or holding a valid test & tag certificate can land you in trouble. Having all your certifications in order is to your advantage, trying to cut corners especially with human life at stake could land you in the slammer. Test and Tag, emergency lights testing, or exit light testing does not cost a fortune for you to ignore it. Electrical risk assessment and test & tag are not very expensive to sweep under the carpet. Emergency lights testing and exit light testing go hand in glove. Failure to regularly carry out Testing and electrical tagging can cost you dear. Hence do not waste time test & tag your electrical equipment pronto.


The founder and driving force behind Jim’s Group

The Paving industry was infused with new blood when Jim’s Paving entered the business with a bang in the year 2000. Backed by Australia’s own success story, the Jim’s Group, which has brought Home Services to a new level by raising the bar for performance in customer service Jim’s Paving has proved it’s mettle and is a force to reckon with today, in this very competitive marketplace.

Jim Penman the founder and driving force behind Jim’s Group is the most experienced businessman in Australia when it comes to providing quality Home Services having done so since 1982. His experience in the industry has brought rich dividends to everyone concerned, especially our customers who have access to courteous, honest and reliable service with competitive pricing.

The marketing strategies executed by Jim’s Group employing state of the art technology using the latest in Digital applications have created a new field in customer service. Customers are more demanding today than they were a couple of decades back added to which their buying power has increased.

This has got the business community on their toes, because they have to deliver a good product or service at a competitive price and promptly. It is like the old proverbial saying “The early bird catches the first worm”. In today’s context there could be only one worm, and that worm is without doubt valuable.

Having served the Australian community with dedication and commitment over the last one and a half decades, Jim’s Paving has planned an expansion program to serve our customers better. With more than 3400 franchisees under the Jim’s group umbrella our logistics in providing quality service to our discerning customers have never been compromised. Jim’s Paving Franchise is just one success story in a big book of successful ones.

Towards this end we are seeking reliable and honest entrepreneurs who would Buy Paving franchise and extend courteous service to our ever increasing customer base. If selected after you have gone through our very stringent process of selection and are invited to Buy paving business, you will become an integral member of a very successful family.

We can advise our customers with very artistic Landscaping ideas which when put in place would be the envy of their neighbours and friends. We have a wide range of innovative ideas that could turn your little garden into something really nice. We work closely with home owners to bring out the best from your home, and it’s immediate environs.

Staff would be adequately trained in all aspects of Asphalt resurfacing which can change the value of your property drastically. Our Concrete resurfacing and spray on concrete both tried and tested methods would enhance the safety of your property.

Our portfolio is impressive with Permeable paving, Coatings, and Spray Pavings among others. We are the leaders in transforming Driveways into what they should be, just impressive. Our Driveway resurfacing and Driveway repair work has been commended by all those who have seen them. 


No home is safe today

Our security whilst at our own homes or offices has been compromised today with criminal minds plotting to scrounge from us, to meet their ulterior objectives. No home is safe today as criminals are using ingenious methods to gain entry into our homes and other premises.

The prerogative is on us to take the necessary actions to thwart them and save our loved ones and property. The law enforcement authorities are stretched to the maximum, whilst they are doing their best to curtail the anarchic situation prevalent today not only in Australia but around the world.

Jim’s Security a respected and reputed member of the popular Jim’s Group has the answer to your woes. With more than 3,400 franchisees spread all over Australia and now having spread our wings to the USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada Jim’s Group are the leaders in home services.

Our reputation for the supply of quality products and unparallel workmanship has been our forte. This has brought the Jim’s Group the respect as a company of good practices and we have received many accolades that we cherish.

Our portfolio of products and services in the home security systems business are numerous and impressive. We have the expertise to provide our discerning customers, with the best security systems compared to any in the world.

We represent the best names in the cctv business which is the core of having your premises under 24x7 surveillance. The cctv camera system enables either monitoring from a central location the happenings in a specific area or the images relayed could be recorded for preview later.

Recording the images on a Network Video Recorder (NVR) would allow review if there have been any intrusions at the premises. Some security cameras could relay images directly to storage mediums like SD cards, PC/server or Networks Attached Storage (NAS).

Jim’s Security has been in the forefront, by introducing many innovative products to the Australian security industry. Our range of alarm systems are sourced from leading manufacturers around the world, who have been in the industry for years and brought to you with comprehensive warranties.

Home security systems installed by Jim’s are able to relay images, sound burglar alarms, provide access control and bio-metric identification where required. There has been no better time like today to call the experts and have your home or office secured with the latest technology in security systems.

Installing alarm systems would not be sufficient unless it is connected to your smart phone or other devises or to a central alarm monitoring station which could respond to the scene whilst the break in is in progress to apprehend the intruders.

The security systems that we install would provide a comprehensive coverage of all vulnerable entry points with the optimum number of security cameras and the appropriate alarm systems.

Having your home security systems installed by Jim’s Security the professionals with years of experience would hold you in good stead if the unforeseen happens. Our technicians are carefully screened and carry the necessary security clearance from the relevant authorities.


The Sun’s glare and the heat

Ultra Violet or UV radiation from the Sun is harmful to us, and is a major cause for skin cancer. Prolonged exposure in the Sun could have long term effects especially on sensitive skins. Being indoors, the Sun’s radiation could stream through large glass windows, and bring not only dangerous UV radiation, but glare and heat.

The Sun’s glare and heat could damage furniture, upholstery, photographs, pictures, curtains and other valuable items inside. The advent of glare could be very uncomfortable for the eye and for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Curtains would cut glare and heat but over a period of time, the curtains would fade and would have to be replaced at great cost. The summer heat in Australia is quite an experience as we all are aware. Temperatures could rise to unbearable limits.

Installing Multi layer Nano tech solar film on the windows would cut heat and glare substantially. Heat could be reduced by 80% and glare by 93%, with UV radiation cut down by 99%. Installing solar film in your home from the experts Office window tinting Melbourne would hold you in good stead.

The solar film would also provide privacy from inquisitive eyes from the outside whilst those inside having clear visibility to the outside. There would be a very comfortable interior with heat streaming in through the windows being cut by 80%, and that is quite a quantum of reduction.

In homes too we can use the same solar film to give us comfort. Solar film provides comfort and also gives you savings on the consumption of energy. Electricity bills could be reduced appreciably when you use Multi layer Nano tech solar films.

Solar film protects windows from vandalism because it provides shatter proof resistance to the glass panes. Any attempt by intruders to break the glass and seek entry would be difficult due to its shatter resistance. Any graffiti written can be easily removed by replacing the window film. Home window tinting Melbourne is your answer for better living conditions at home.

Some of us who travel long distances in the course of our work schedules spend quite some time in our cars hence we need it to be comfortable. Solar car window film from Car window tinting Melbourne will provide the comfort that we look forward to, and also give us better fuel efficiency, with the air-conditioning working to desired levels.       


Easy set up and removal of Jumping castles

Jumping castle hire Melbourne is renowned for our prompt delivery, set up and after use removal of all equipment, which gives our customers a hassle free service incomparable within the Melbourne area.

We have different sizes and types of Bouncy and Jumping castles to suit any occasion, whether it is a kid’s party, an adult re-union, an anniversary celebration, an office day out or any other outdoor activity for the young and the old.

The choices we offer are wide and if the premises is large enough we can offer our biggest inflatable castle as well, that would accommodate many to have fun together. The inflatable castles are checked prior to being set up at any premises for its safety features and cleanliness.

No equipment will leave the Jumping castle hire warehouse without being inspected for any defects after any previous use, and to verify its cleanliness. After we set up the castle it will be thoroughly checked again and one our representatives would be stationed near the inflatable castle till the event is concluded to ensure that all safety measures are adhered to.

Bouncy castles hire Melbourne has very courteous and fun loving staff members who would also help you with other auxiliary items like popcorn makers and candy floss machines to make your day a great one and to be remembered for a very long time.

All equipment leaving the Jumping castle hire Melbourne warehouse are insured to insure against any liability in the event of any unforeseen situation arising. We also anchor all our inflatable castles and keep them safe in the event of any unexpected strong winds blowing through the site the castle is set up.

We ensure that all Australia Standards are conformed with and leave no stone unturned to ensure safety at all times. We take serious note of our Corporate Social Responsibilities or CSR.