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If you are stressed with a home to run, a busy work schedule and a demanding family to manage, we are the answer to your predicament. With your rubbish mounting up, your locks getting stuck when they shouldn’t, your electrical appliances burning up, nauseating pests scurrying along the floor and table tops or just want the garden paved we are the right people for any job.

We will attend to your rubbish collection punctually and clean up your home and surrounding before you could finish saying “abracadabra”.

If you have problems with your locks or just need your locks changed we are the best in the business we are reputed locksmiths and certified too.

Paving your garden or driveway we can give you a job well done at a very affordable price. Our paving is the envy of many.

We lead the pack in providing the ultimate in quality Pest control. We use only approved pesticides which are safe with children.

There could be hidden dangers in some of your electrical appliances, we are certified and qualified with the required experience to test and tag any electrical appliance. Our certificates are recognized by all statutory authorities.

Call us and see the difference in our services.

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Pest Control

The most trusted Pest control services.

Skip Bins

Professional ontime Skip Bin services.

Test and Tag

Don’t get shocked, Test and Tag.


Create missing keys, and get smooth access.

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Book a bin and respect the law

skip bins

There are very strict Federal and State laws governing the removal and disposal of garbage, rubbish and waste. We are required to adhere to these laws or are liable to be prosecuted and could face heavy fines or even imprisonment. Apart from legislation in place we are also bound by human decency to protect the environment that we live in. If we do not protect the environment our future generations are bound to suffer the consequences.

As a responsible organization in the primary business of protecting our environment, we strive to do our best to help the community in fulfilling its duties. Our business revolves around the community and the waste that they discard. Our Skip Bin Hire operation has been a success story incomparable and unmatchable. The Skip Bin Hire operation that we initiated about twenty years ago has grown in stature and confidence among the community. There is none comparable with our Skip Bin Hire operation and our loyal clientele vouch for its reliability with the numerous testimonials that adorn our offices. The Skip Bin Hire we began with is still the pinnacle of our business.

The moment you call us and Book a Bin our staff are invigorated towards the task at hand. The Book a Bin starts a chain reaction to serve you. You can Book a Bin from anywhere, and we will deliver Skip Bins to your premises. Try our Book a Bin service and see the difference. They will extract all the information they need about the size of the Skip Bin that you need, to the time you need the Skip Hire to arrive at your premises. The Skip Bin will be delivered to your premises on schedule and we will strive to see that the Skip Hire is ready by that time. Our Skip Bins can accommodate most waste that you would want to dispose. Our Skip Bins are constructed in very manoeuvrable and convenient sizes. We also have the Bin Hire service that is reliable and efficient, which will deliver a Skip Bin to your door on time. The Skip Bin can be filled up for collection later.

Our Skip Hire after delivery will be collected by our Bin Hire vehicle and taken to the appropriate location for disposal. We are very proud of our Bin Hire service which is the talk of the town, for its reliability and punctuality. You can always depend on our Skip Bins which would be delivered by our Skip Hire vehicles. The next time you need to remove waste call us and we will send one of our reliable Bin Hire vehicles to help you.

You have to dispose our waste responsibly and cannot commission amateurs for it, as you are liable at the end if they do not perform their obligations. You could be heavily fined or even jailed depending on the gravity of the issue. You need to be sure of how our waste is disposed.    

Please contact either skip bins melbourne, skip bins sydney, skip bins perth, skip bins brisbane, skip bins adelaide, skip bins hobart, skip bins dandenong and skip bins gold coast by calling 131 546.

Natural predators to combat pests


Though we howl about the war that we are winning against the pests, there are others who are also helping us. They are the natural predators of pests and there are many. If not for the help we receive from them our fight against pests would be a very difficult endeavour.

Each species of pest has their own predator, and that is the cycle of nature. Nature also plays a different part where some pests have cannibalistic behavior, and feed on their own larvae or young ones. This is how nature joins us to keep the eco-system on the balance. No species will be able to supersede the other that is true even for the human race.

That is why we have so many natural disasters taking many lives. At certain times we have introduced selected predators to combat pests. One very good example and which has stood us in good stead is the domesticated cat. The cat has not only been a predator of rats but has been a wonderful companion to many. Just having a cat at home can keep the rats and mice away. Like cats we have used many predators from time to time. This would be a very much better strategy than using pesticides.

Pest control has grown into a very big industry and commands an important niche in the world economy. Pest control services adopting the latest methods in Rat control, Rodents control, Cockroach control, ant control, spider control, silverfish control, possum control, Mice control, wasp control, bed bugs control, flea control, and bird control have been very successful to subdue these pests. If not for their dedication we would have a world full of pests.

Millions of dollars are needed annually to sustain the Pest Control industry by finding new ways and means to be always ahead in the fight against the pests. Termite control has taken a new dimension with the use of very sophisticated equipment like thermal imaging, listening devices and bore scopes which are used in termite inspections. Termites work round the clock and don’t generally like us take a rest. Termite workers will work very hard and it is the soldiers who would keep predators at bay whilst the Queens would reproduce.

Termite inspections are necessary to locate the termite colonies, their populace and take proper and effective Termite control steps. Termites can cause severe structural damages and can bring down building if left unchecked. They are the most formidable adversaries we have in the pest world. Millions are spent worldwide to combat this menace and the war has been going on since time immemorial.   

Some exercises performed by Pest control services which today are accepted by all clientele of end of lease pest control, gives a boost to the industry. The end of lease pest control includes the whole gamut of Rat control, Rodents control, termite control, Cockroach control, Mice control, ant control, spider control, silverfish control, possum control, wasp control, bed bugs control, flea control, andbird control.

Call a either Pest control sydney, Pest control melbourne, Pest control gold coast, Pest control brisbane, Pest control perth, Pest control adelaide to get rid of your pests.